Buyer’s Tool Kit Documents

Please read through the following articles carefully and if you ever have any questions about any aspect of the home buying process don’t hesitate to contact one of our seasoned professionals for free answers to any of your questions.

Advantages of a Mortgage Pre-ApprovalIn today's high tech world, it only takes minutes to get approved for a mortgage. The benefits are well worth it.
No Down Payment Mortgage LoanThese come in all shapes & sizes, including $0 DOWN
No Closing Cost Home PurchaseNo cost home purchases seem like an idea that’s too good to be true. But it’s here.
Understanding the Loan ProcessAn introduction to the institutions that lend money to consumers for real estate.
Buyers ChecklistUse the Buyers Checklist as a convenient way to keep track of all the things you must do to complete the process of buying your home.
InsuranceWant to understand the ins and outs of shopping for home insurance? Learn the basics about homeowners, title and PMI insurance from the pro's.
AppraisalLearn more about what's involved in getting an appraisal, details.
APRLearn how much you are really paying when you are quoted an interest rate.
FormsDownload our disclosure forms (pdf).

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