Foreign National Loans

Please note before applying – this program now requires a minimum 40% down payment.

A Foreign National is a person that is not a permanent resident of the United States. Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. makes loans to foreign nationals. We have several options for foreign national loans at our disposal. Many investors from other countries like to vacation in the US. Still others prefer to invest in the US because of the exchange advantages offered by the currency of their home Country. Whatever your reason for wishing to acquire a foreign national loan, Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. has the solution you’re looking for.

 No Income – No Assets

• Foreign Nationals with US credit – 70% LTV for Ficos above 660

• Foreign Nationals with US credit – 60% LTV for Ficos from 601-659

• Foreign Nationals with insufficient or no US credit – 65% LTV

This is a no doc foreign national loan. For the seasoned investor this is a great option that allows for very fast processing times. No red tape with our no doc foreign national loans!

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please call us at 305-371-8181 or toll free at  855-224-3222.

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