Super Jumbo Loan Program

A Super Jumbo Loan is technically defined as any loan in excess of $1M. At Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc., we consider a normal Jumbo Loan up to $2M. This means that our Super Jumbo Loan program goes from $2M up to $20M.

While there aren’t a lot of people with homes above $2M, for those that do own them it can be difficult to find financing since many banks have a $1M cutoff on residential Jumbo Loan financing. Another excellent service that Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. provides to our clients is access to Super Jumbo Loan sources!

Here are some of the highlights of our Florida Super Jumbo Loan Programs:

• Loan amounts from $2M up to $20M

• 1-4 family residences

• primary, vacation homes, and investor properties

• stated income available

• Unlimited cash out on refinances

• Low rise and high rise condos

• non warrantable condos


• Foreign National loans acceptable

• Construction Loans

As you can see Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. strives to offer the most aggressive Super Jumbo Loan programs in the market today. We have many years of Florida Super jumbo loan mortgage funding experience.

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please call us at 305-371-8181 or toll free at  855-224-3222.

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