Up to 125% Financing

With up to 125% mortgage loan, you can borrow up to 125% the value of your home from Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. A 125% mortgage loan does not require equity to be built in the home. In addition, a 125% mortgage loan does not require a down payment. In fact, the only costs you need to cover with an up to 125% financing mortgage loan through Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc. are the closing costs, and even those can be financed in by utilizing seller concessions!

These are two great programs that currently allow up to 125% financing:

USDA Rural Loans

VA Loans

USDA Rural Housing program - If you’re a home buyer looking for up to125% financing, this is the program you’ve been looking for. There is no minimum credit scores required. Even no scores are allowed. If you have a 620 or higher you receive a streamlined loan with no explanations for any derogatory on credit. The USDA Rural Loan program allows us to offer you 100% financing with fixed rates ranging around 4% (as of Oct 2011) fixed for 30 years. There is no prepayment penalty or mortgage insurance these loans which saves you even more money. This program was designed for borrowers with limited income and credit histories. You can view a quick overview of the program by clicking HERE. Ask a mortgage professional about how the Florida USDA Rural Home program can help you today!

VA Loans are the preferred loan of choice for any qualified veteran. They provide up to125% financing with no costly mortgage insurance which means you keep more money in your pocket. In addition VA loans are less restrictive on credit guidelines than conventional loans.

There are two very similar but with more expanded approval guidelines offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac which both offer up to 125% financing for home buyers. These programs carry the same low rates as the My Community Loan, however there is no restriction regarding income and you don’t have to be a first time home buyer to use them. These programs allow us to offer you several great options for getting financed up to125% for your purchase or refinance!

Between the My community loans, Acorn program, USDA Rural Housing Loans, and FHA loans, we have all of your up to125% financing needs covered.

Home Buying Made Simple

Why worry about using your hard earned money and having to tie it up in a non-interest mortgage? There are a variety of reasons one would chose to get an up to 125% home loan, such as:

  • Not having to put a down payment on your new home purchase
  • Using the funds that you may have available by putting them into higher interest bearing ventures
  • Get an up to 125% home loan with no private mortgage insurance by having it built into the loan
  • New laws recently passed now allow for mortgage insurance to be tax deductible if you chose to pay it with your mortgage
  • up to 6% seller concessions allowed. No need to pay ANY closing costs
  • 30 year fixed rates with no prepayment penalty EVER

At Advance Mortgage Lending, Inc., we make is simple to qualify for an up to 125% Florida home loan. If you’re looking to divert your savings into other interests or perhaps you haven’t saved the money yet for a down payment, then an up to 125% home loan may be just what you’re looking for. Buying real estate is often about leveraging other people’s money. We understand this concept and we are experts in helping our clients achieve their goals of home ownership. For more information or any further assistance to apply, please feel free to contact us today.

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